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About I Do Imaging

I Do Imaging is a searchable database of free and open source medical imaging software. Imaging projects are located, categorised and tracked for version releases and site address changes. Test data is available for most programs, and technical notes on building and installing some of the programs are stored in the wiki.

I Do Imaging is written and developed by Andrew Crabb. It began as a personal project in 2002, in response to the static and frequently outdated 'list of links' seen on many imaging websites.

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Adding free-form search with the built-in capabilities of Postgres.
Creating AWS instances and DNS records using the Ruby SDK
Using the Ruby SDK for Amazon Web Services to create any number of EC2 instances and configure their DNS
Teaching imaging with remote workstations
Using open source client and server software on a cluster of remote Windows instances to teach imaging software and communications


There are 334 active programs listed out of 390 total, from 292 authors.

1 program versions have been added in the last month, and 8 in the last quarter.